December 01, 2014

Loop de Loop - by NL Architects.

view on site

Containers come in many different sizes and dimensions, yet the sculptural qualities of assemblage are limited to orthogonal compositions. But by one relatively simple operation -bisecting, rotating and reassembling- intriguing new configurations are possible. The containers will be combined together at their end points: any continuous tube can be constructed: Loop ‘d’ Loop.

building parts of Loop-de-Loop
The void of the interior can now be explored. It can accommodate many different programs, it can provide shelter, it can contain a path, a stair, a route. Partly opening up sidewalls is easy; it will offer multiple perspectives over the Sites and the City.
section through containers

Loop-de-Loop could serve as information booth, as exhibition space, as adventure came, as a ‘ride’, as ‘view generator’, as cafe, as site canteen, as theatre, as auditorium, as skybox, as Logo.

After sometime Loop-‘d’-Loop can be taken apart, transported elsewhere and be reassembled in a new way: a continuous process of destruction and renewal. It’s appearance always reminiscent of the building site, blending in in a twisted fashion. (Text: NL Architects)

Loop de Loop from anarchitecture on Vimeo.

Design: NL Architects, Pieter Bannenberg, Walter van Dijk, Kamiel Klaasse
Team: Wim Sjerps, Christoph Wassmann, Annarita Papeschi, Sören Grünert, Beatriz Ruiz de la Torre, Sarah Möller