November 11, 2014

Competitions and the Guggenheim Competition. 18,336,780 € Worth of Work.

An infographic video regarding the massive impact and response Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition has had. A reflexion regarding the direction architectural competitions are heading nowadays, and the enormous management process involved.
Guggenheim Helsinki // Architectural Competition Data from Taller de Casqueria on Vimeo.

"There is an incredibly amount of wasted effort in the profession. A fair amount is generated through the procedure of competitions. Which is really like a complete drain of intelligence. I don't know any other profession that would tolerate this. On the same time you are important and we invite you thinking, but there is a 80% change* that we threw away your thinking a make sure that it is completely wasted." (Rem Koolhaas, from Urbanized by Gary Hustwit,

*surely not in the case of the Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition