June 14, 2011

Potential Futures for Design Practice - Rory Hyde's Lecture.

Yes – buildings got bigger, higher and more complex – and yes, more technology and more people are involved in the building process – the profession, however, hardly changed. Architects see themselves still as master builders, creators of the built environment, where a quick sketch on a napkin can lead you anywhere.

But we are now in "a design landscape of unprecedented complexity, one that cannot be adequately addressed by the traditional tools of the design professions", as Rory Hyde wrote on his highly commented blog post on roryhyde.com/blog/, December 30th , "the 21st century has ushered in a radically different world than that faced by our predecessors."

Take some time to watch Rory Hyde’s lecture and get an idea on the “Potential Futures for Design Practice”. Rory gave the lecture at the University of Sydney Faculty of Architecture.