January 25, 2011

(Google)Street Photography.

Robert Doisneau's Le Baiser de l’Hôtel de Ville from 1950

Street photography is a genre of photography which deals with capturing people and daily life, usually at public places, streets, shops, coffees, etc. It is mostly a “snapshot photography” studying a certain milieu of city dweller. Street photography is spontaneous and is, consequently, often the product of coincidences.

image by Michael Wolf

The height of street photography begun in the thirties with the rise of small 35mm cameras.

With the aid of Google Street View, the photographer Michael Wolf renews the art of street photography. Instead of spotting people on street, he shoots the computer screen by cropping out parts of images on Google Street View: “photos of photos”. A contemporary way of “reading” the city.

Michael Wolf exhibition in Amsterdam