January 04, 2011

Future for Architects.

What can be the role of architects in the next decade? Should architects insist on being the master-builder, designing, documenting and constructing buildings (=spaces), or shift towards new services like the emerging industry of design consultancy where creativity (e.g. design thinking) is more valued than the delivery of blueprints? Architects regard themselves often as underrated among other stakeholders in the planning process: both in power and compensation. In spite of the sudden rise of the star-architects, our role gets less significant.

Strangely, in maybe no other field exits so different interpretations of one profession. Are we artists? Engineers? Researcher? Sociologist? Marketeers? Writers? Designers? Or is the ‘professional generalist’ - as we like to see our-self (like the renaissance man) just wishful thinking, when many of us work on door schedules or construction documents?

Today, there are many new opportunities available to emerging architects, as Rory Hyde writes in his article Potential Futures for Design Practice - “overturning the inherited assumptions of the design professions”: new roles like being a “Community Enabler”, a “Unsolicited Architect”, a “Practicing Researcher” and more. Join the discussion on Potential Futures for Design Practice at Rory Hyde Projects / Blog.