August 25, 2010

Architecture Biennale Venice. Taglines from 1992 - 2010.

Each Venice Architecture Biennale gets a branding slogan, a memorable phrase that sums up the 'Leitmotif' of the exhibition. Is there a common tenor in these phrases? Maybe not - the taglines sound too generic to have an impact. It is usually about 'Future', 'Society" and the architect's search for meaning. Personally, "Less Aesthetics, More Ethics" sounded promising?

1992 Architecture: Modernity and the sacred space (Paolo Portoghesi)
1996 Sensing the Future—The Architect as Seismograph (Hans Hollein)
2000 Less Aesthetics, More Ethics (Massimiliano Fuksas)
2002 Next (Deyan Sudjic)
2004 METAMORPH (Kurt W. Forster)
2006 Cities, architecture and society (Richard Burdett)
2008 Out There: Architecture Beyond Building (Aaron Betsky)
2010 People meet in architecture (Kazuyo Sejima)