April 27, 2010

The Facadeprinters.

The Facadeprinter is a simple, software controlled robot. It consits of a two axis turn table and an airpressure printhead. The printer shoots the artwork from a distanced position dot by dot onto the chosen area. An inkjet-printer in architectonical dimensions.

The Facadeprinter is a large scale communication tool. Print- esthetic and method are distinguishly different from conventional print- and advertising tecniques. Artworks are applied onto the walls directly, like the drawings of a "magic pen". At present the maximum print dictance is 12 meters, the maximum print height is arround 8 meters. The shooting frequencey is up to 5 dots per second. (source: facadeprinter)

facadeprinter.org - three stones from Facadeprinter on Vimeo.

Find a wall and book the printing team @ booking (at) facadeprinter.org.