November 08, 2009

Metro-Net. Capturing Globalization.

transportable subway entrance, 1997, Madulain, image from

Metro-Net is about constructing a global metro network, composed of fake subway entrances, ventilation shafts, subway-sounds and generated air flow. The first station of Kippenberger’s Metro-Net was built at the Greek island Syros in 1993. Additional entrances were erected in Dawson City West (Canada), at the documenta X 1997 in Kassel and at the “Sculpture Project” in Münster. A “transportable subway entrances” (Transportabler U-Bahn-Eingang) is located in Madulain, Switzerland. Metro-Net is part of Kippenberger’s absurd building projects. For theoretical background read "Romantic Globalization: Martin Kippenberger's Metro-Net".

metro-net, Syros, Greek, image from CENTRE FOR THE AESTHETIC REVOLUTION

Recently, Kippenberger's painting “Paris Bar” ( a painting, ironically only commissioned by Kippenberger) was sold at Christie’s London for two million pound.