October 15, 2009

Change Paradigms in Building Culture - Blog Action Day 2009.

Can technology bridge the gap between our lifestyle and its resource consumption? What when technology fails to deliver a simple solutions for the world’s population energy demands? We (collectively) would need 1.3 planets to sustain today's world average per capita consumption (for Europe about three planets and the US even five). What is when 1.3 billion Chinese achieve Europe’s consumption level (and hopefully they do)? Shouldn’t we better change our consumption habits? An impossible demand of course – the more so as (economic) growth is still the most important task we face.

Maybe there is no need to sacrifice our living standards – we only have to adapt to a green-lifestyle; architecturally spoken “change paradigms in building culture”, as architect Wilfried Wang demands: to contribute creatively to the development of the existing built environment, to rediscover local building materials and traditions, to react on topographic and climate conditions and more.

The freestanding architectural masterpiece – however - may soon be less common. Happy Blog Action Day!