March 05, 2009

Bogdan Bogdanović. The Doomed Architect.

Flower at the memorial site for the victims of the concentration camps (1966), Jasenovac, Croatia, Bogdan Bogdanović

'Bogdan Bogdanović, born in 1922 in Belgrade, is not only the leading architect of memorials in the former multi-ethnic state of Yugoslavia but also an unconventional urbanist, essayist and writer who "built to be able to write, and wrote so that he could build".' 'Between 1951 and 1981 Bogdanović completed over twenty memorials throughout Yugoslavia to commemorate the victims of fascism and anti-fascist resistance fighters. Free from ideological insignia, these archaic feeling architectural ensembles invite visitors to linger in contemplation.'

Architekturzentrum Wien
Mar. 05, 2009 - Jun. 02, 2009
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Test illustration for Zaludna mistrija (The Futile Trowel), Bogdan Bogdanović