November 26, 2008

1949 – 1989 – 2009: History - Cosmetics Accomplished.

source: Wikipedia


The government building and cultural center of the former German Democratic Republic DDR, the "Palast der Republik" has been fully dismantled these days.

It was built between 1973 and 1976 according to plans of the architects Heinz Graffunder and Karl-Ernst Swora. The German parliament finally decided in 2006 not to preserve the building. After the asbestos was decontaminated, the steel skeleton construction, which measured 180 x 87 x 32 meters, was deconstructed bit by bit. Until the new cultural center "Humboldt-Forum" is going to be erected, a green lawn will cover the gap.

A wasted chance: this piece of architecture won’t be helpful in coming to terms with young German history in 2009 anymore..