July 05, 2008

Casa da Musica. Cultural Design by Stefan Sagmeister.

Stefan Sagmeister (born 1962 in Austria) is a New York based ( graphic) designer. He owns his own firm: Sagmeister Inc. Go to TED talk for an inspiring lecture of him (Stefan Sagmeister: Yes, design can make you happy).

After the completion of OMA's Casa da Musica in the city of Porto, Portugal, Sagmeister was asked to created a visual identity of this institution – the classic corporate / cultural design job. How to handle it when the building is already "logo-like"?

Casa da Musica, by OMA, image by Miguel V. Martinez

“We failed to avoid using the building shape” said Sagmeister in yesterday's lecture at the design forum Vienna, "so we looked for a different approach". The result is the Casa da Musica logo generator. Based on content's color (e.g. a poster) the generator "calculates" the logos colors. As a consequence object and logo merge.

the logo generator, by Stefan Sagmeister Inc.

business cards, the logo's colors were chosen from people's portraits