April 23, 2008

Beijing Lights.

In several projects Herzog and de Meuron increasingly pay attention to light design and its orchestration. Needless to mention because everyone might know the impressive colour changing of the Allianz Arena in Munich or the illuminated façade of the St. Jakob Station in Basel. Likewise HdM has also done custom designed lightnings: Commercial successful products like the “pipe sospensione”, produced by Artemide or the “Jingzi” hanging lamp by Belux.

from left to right - Jingzi-30 light by Belux - pipe, by artemide, http://www.artemide.com/- simple light design at Dominus Winery

A Beijing-based friend has recently uploaded interior photographs from the Beijing National Station's (Bird’s Nest) opening. Again some innovative lightining: futuristic chandelier in the stadion's middle zone and downscaled mini versions of the bird's nest as outddoor lights.

interior and exterior light in the Beijing National Stadion, images courtesy of grüngrün, copyright grüngrüm