February 12, 2008

CO2 Architecture.


Yes, it has become a dogma that about 30 - 40% of carbon-dioxide emissions is caused by buildings: it is the sum of erection, maintenance and demolition. In fact, the precise CO2 calculation of an individual building isn't easy - too many factors influence the total CO2 emission: building life cycle, wall heat conductance, geographic location, ventilation, energy sources, building materials and more. Usually architect's don’t have that expert knowledge. Why not a suggest a simple approach? How much CO2 is produced when making one cubic meters of concrete / steel / wood / brick? Of course it make a great difference. Beginning with concrete: 385 kg CO2/m³, steel: 12,200 kg CO2/m³, brick: 375 kg CO2 /m³ and wood - as a material with can bind CO2 - has got a negative total of minus 900 kg CO2 /m² (source: GEMIS)